OPENING VIP GALA: Friday August 24 (6:00pm – 9:00pm)

Claudia Gaviria owner and executive chef of Cruda Café, was raised in Colombia and Ecuador, two beautiful South American countries rich in fresh, seasonal foods. She refined her skills in the culinary arts from a proud grandmother that never wasted food and whose pharmacy was located in the pantry and fridge. Claudia used these fundamentals and combined them with the doctrines of Raw Cooking, Macrobiotics, Ayurvedic medicine and Yoga. She travelled around the world learning ancestral cooking, un-cooking methods and was able to create a physical and spiritual fusion of healing. In 1999, Claudia left a management position in a Boutique Hotel in South America and came to Canada with her nine year old son. After a long stay at an Ashram, Claudia started teaching Raw, Vegan healing cuisine and created Cruda Café a raw vegan Gluten and sugar free resto, located under the roof of St. Lawrence Market.