OPENING VIP GALA: Friday August 24 (6:00pm – 9:00pm)

CALIENTE Y PICANTE COMPETITION: Saturday August 25 (6:00pm – 7:15pm)

The idea for the name “Ti Kay La” came about when I remember my family’s humble beginnings.  I lived in a little wooden hut- like dwelling in the heart of Castries, Saint Lucia West Indies from birth till around eight years old with my other 13 siblings. The hut was tiny with only two rooms. One served as the living quarters with a dining table and four chairs. A vinyl carpet covered the floor. The other room was a bedroom where we slept in cramped conditions. This tiny hut was able to house sixteen people (including mom and dad) for so long, catering to our every need. People often asked “Where do you all sleep at night?” That was home, the only one we knew and this ‘hut’ was magical to us!

Ti Kay La (in English translates to ‘the little house’) was to us the start of everything we knew. Hence it is fitting that our innovative range of products bears the name of our start: the beginning of everything that will soon evolve into a household brand name.